Home Staging - Design close ups

It should be simple. How hard can it be to match a lampshade and some new curtains? But for those not blessed with the style gene, decorating is torture.

The facts are that you have 30 seconds to make a first impression and 95% of buyers buy on emotion.


Whether you are selling or renting let DaniLouisDesign help re-invent your property to inspire buyers or renters to pay a ‘premium’ price.

Home Staging is about creating a specifically beautiful space that is going to appeal to all of the prospective buyers of your property. Buyers can’t see past faults, clutter, cramped spaces and poor presentation.

We can install quality elegant furnishings to showcase your home/investment property or work with your existing furnishings or a combination of both. Whatever your budget, we want to visually capture a lifestyle both the prospective buyers and renters desire.

True facts


  • Sell 30-50% faster.
  • Sell 7 – 17% more than without.
  • 83% pay a premium if it’s looks like it’s ready to move in.
  • Only 5% can visualise the potential of your property if you don’t show it to them at its best.

You are selling a lifestyle, you are not selling property!

So it’s not just what you tell them, it’s about how they feel when they enter a property.

It’s also a myth that with the lower end of the property market it doesn’t matter. IT DOES! Whatever property you are trying to sell or rent, there is always competition and you need to make your property memorable, the one that stands out.